Hello! I’m Davina proud founder of our World award winning Gluten Free Bread Business. 

After facing adversity and beating it, i wanted to share that thing I love more than anything - Life - through the things I Love, one of which being Food. 

 I’m so happy that you popped by … it means we can share our food and recipes, have a good old chat and discover new and exciting things together.

Now, everyone that knows me will tell you I love food. I mean, really love food, with a crazy obsession that can drive people mad. I’m never happier than when I’m cooking up a feast for friends and family. After all, breaking bread with those you love is the way to catch up on life, chill out together and just enjoy each other’s company.

What drives me is an insane determination to make something that anyone can eat and not realise they’re free from additives and allergens, but also laden with healthy nutrients, antioxidants and fibre that help to heal. And the greatest bit is that they taste like real artisan fare … comfort food of the best kind.

Come on in and see what we’ve been cooking.