1. Replace one quarter of the water required for the mix with yoghurt
  2. Mix yoghurt with hot water and leave to cool so it feels warm, but not hot to your hand
  3. Combine with the bread mix as normal instructions and leave for 5 minutes
  4. Cut the dough into 6 pieces
  5. You can shape rolls using a trigger ice cream scoop … this is how …wet the scoop, then fill with dough, press dough into scoop with a wet spoon or spatula, then release dough over baking tray.
  6. Space the rolls about 1 inch apart. You should end up with 6 to 7 rolls. Use the back of a wet spoon or wet hands to smooth the rolls. Dust with flour or seeds.
  7. Leave in a warm place for about 40 minutes. This dough won’t rise too much, but the flavour will intensify during this time.
  8. Cook for 20 – 25 minutes … until golden brown and hollow-sounding when tapped.