Some years ago, as an eager biochemistry student I went to the bookshop to collect the latest organic chemistry tome I’d ordered. Oh yes, I knew how to live! Book purchased and in my bag to pore over during afternoon break, I practically skipped back to class.

At break I pulled the pristine book out of my bag and … the pages were covered in mashed banana. The one I’d put in my bag that morning and promptly forgotten. That blackened, wrinkly book served me well for the next few years. I’m still not a “banana guard” type of girl, but I am much more careful about the snacks I carry.

If like me, you’re often out and about for work, it’s much harder to plan your lunch and snacks.

I’ve been on the road many times and always start with great intentions. I pack a plastic box of sugar snap peas and baby carrots to nibble like sweeties. Some apples, bottles of water and … so far, so virtuous …

Then by day 2 or 3, the car’s hot, the snacks that were enticing 48 hours before looked decidedly less appealing (warm, sweaty peas anyone?). There’d be only one thing for it(and yes, this happened every time) … the dreaded petrol station!

Oh my! The most healthy looking things were the fruit gums … traffic light colours that were absent in the snack and “lunch” aisles.

Pasties, pastries, inedible-looking sandwiches, sugar and wheat-laden “lunch bars” and “healthy option” wraps that I wouldn’t feed to my worst enemy.

Fast forward 15 years and the offerings are not much better …

Same old junk from all those years before, plus … the oh-so-healthy sushi that’s 95% rice, a tiny amount of smoked fish and some sea plant or other. And, of course, the ubiquitous soy sauce. It wasn’t until I needed to cut out gluten that I realised soy sauce contains wheat flour! What? I’d have thought, given its provenance, that they’d use rice flour. That’s when I knew I had to check every label and allow myself much more time for my weekly shop.

Add to that … am I really paying £5 for six teaspoons of rice a few morsels of fish and veg? Oh yes!

A last resort? You could pop to the local supermarket and buy a GF loaf (hhhmmm) and make your own sandwiches.

That’s how this blog came about. Out of necessity and annoyance that every small foray to the outside world meant a huge amount of time just trying to find something I could eat.

The snacks, lunches and puds that follow are, in many cases, transportable and easy to eat on the hoof.